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You’ve seen it in TV shows and old movies; a raggedy spiked hat with random decorations adorning it. It goes by several names: palookaville cap, fedora beanie and clubhouse hat, to name a few. But the most common name for it is whoopee cap. This style came about in the…

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Vina is a free hat pattern that is rich in texture with beautiful cables and shell stitches. Instructions are included below for a messy bun version of this hat. ADD THIS PATTERN TO YOUR RAVELRY QUEUE OR FAVORITES I chose to crochet this hat with Red Heart Super Saver in Charcoal.…

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Thystle is a free hat pattern that is rich in style. Combining simple single and treble crochet stitches creates an interesting textured fabric similar to the puff stitch, without all the extra work. For this project, I wanted a light colored yarn to show off the texture, with a contrasting…

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Rusc is a free hat pattern that is rich in texture, and super easy to crochet as it only contains front post and back post stitches. No frustrating slip stitches here. Instructions are included below to turn Rusc into a messy bun hat.  ADD THIS PATTERN TO YOUR RAVELRY QUEUE OR…

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Poppi is an easy and free headband pattern that uses very little yarn and only takes about an hour to make. The end result is a stylish addition to your winter wardrobe, but it also makes a great gift for family and friends. ADD THIS PATTERN TO YOUR RAVELRY QUEUE…

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